Tuesday, March 31, 2009

homosapiens with strezz

now people around me were infected with brand new disease.
n me think me oso being infected with dat disease.
Vibrio AS Strezz sp.
newly discovered virus in MAIS.
if u:
-pron to study indoor than going outside,
-feel lazy to go out for meal n often ask da other 2 buy them 4 u,
-always spend time 4 past years papers,
-become study room number one visitor,
-tends to discuss topics u dun understand rather than do rubbish talks or gossips,
-become somebody else,
-having disillusionment,

Then congrats!!
u become another victim of Vibrio AS Strezz sp.
but fear not!!
tis virus will miraclely went away right after AS ends.
till dat time.... huh~

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pulang ke hadrat Ilahi

4.00 a.m, 2 march 2009
I got 4misscalls and 2sms from my bapak and mak.
The sms sounded like tis:
"As'kum..mbah dah meninggal"
"Sedekahkan fatehah pd mbah lanang mggl pd 4.00 pg
my eyes blurred as i read it.
my mind flashed back to the time when my granpa involved in an accident in Ramadan month.
he got broken arm and oso his backbone..
4 two month, he stayed in hospital Klang.
then my granpa was allowed to return home.
He was lying 24 hours on bed.
a week after he returned to home, his condition worsen.
he went into coma.
my uncles or so called 'paman' brought him back to hospital klang.
da doctor made a hole on grandpa's tummy.
to clean up grandpa's intestines from toxic substances.

the good thing happenned,
my grandpa woke,
but.. he lost da ability to talk.
da doctors had no clue how to treat grandpa anymore
they suggested my uncle to bring grandpa home and take a good care on him.

Aidilfitri came,
the tipikal scene of raya changed dramatically in grandpa's house.
no more happy faces
N they try to act normal.

Time pass by,
grandpa not show any sign of recovery.
Till the end of him...
Al- Fatihah...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Puzzle of Life

What is the best moment of ur life?
For me, meeting with me childhood frenz is da best.
Not to forget da old frenz from me skool age.
Its is very fun talkin about our past experiences and oso those silly things that we done in da past.
It's juz like collecting pieces of puzzle from our past memoirs.
The longer the frenz not met, the better it will be..
As we can share our own experiences when we are not together.
Even Mr.Time oso cannot bear to wait for two frenz dat meet each other after a long time.
Hope dat me friendship can last long..long enough to the end of me..